FLAVOR is influenced by many factors. The practices farmers employ in their fields; the time, distance, and handling from field to market; the skill and care with which food is prepared–all leave their mark on the flavor, texture, and quality of food.


The relationship between growing practices and flavor is well documented in the cultivation of wine grapes and the making of wine. UnderstandingFlavor.com is expanding that discussion to include produce, herbs, edible flowers, and livestock. Drawing on conversations with academics, chefs, and farmers, we look at the science, artistry, and intuitive wisdom behind creating flavor in the field and on the plate.


We examine the many factors that contribute to flavor in our Anatomy of Flavor series of products and essays. Join us on a delicious journey through farm fields, artisan kitchens, and agricultural research centers as we explore how flavor is influenced by cultivation, preparation, and place.


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